Why you should have professional maternity photographs taken!

Pregnancy Photoshoot

Why you should have professional maternity photographs taken!

Maternity Photos…Why?

When I was pregnant with my Son Reece (a whole lifetime ago…22 years ago) professional maternity photos weren’t really a thing!!

At the time I doubt I would have even wanted my photography taken, not only was I a teen mum, back in the 90’s maternity clothing was just grim. I remember one photo that my Mum took, she stood me next to the bloody Christmas tree to get a scale of how big I had got …I was 2 weeks over my due date and fed up. So my only pregnancy photo I have to look back on, is me in front of a tree, 2 weeks over due and fed up !!

Something to remember

Fast forward 20 years and maternity photos are something to look back on and say WOW,  didn’t I look good!! Look at my beautiful bump and my wonderful partner and I sharing such a special time.

Many ladies track their bump with weekly/monthly progress photos, posting on social media like FaceBook & Instagram, sharing their stories with other ladies and marvelling at their changing bodies, and when you think about it, ladies bodies go through so many changes to house their babies for 9 months.


Natalie told me that many of her friends have said she would miss her bump once it goes, so for a keep sake, they decided to keep these memories alive.  They came to my studio in Preston, on a glorious Sunday morning to capture this special time. I explained that my style is a relaxed, I don’t over pose as I want there to be a connection between the couple in my images.

Relaxed & Natural

We started off with a relaxed casual look, and progressed onto a few maternity outfits which I have in my studio. Callum got involved as much as he could and really enjoyed it to. When the session had finished Natalie sent me a lovely text later on “just wanted to say thank you so much for today!! You made us feel so welcome and comfortable”. Being in front of the camera can be bloody awful, I know how I felt just before I had headshots taken for my website, but with a few gentle guides for posing and just talking and having a giggle, all nerves disappear and you start to really enjoy it.

Book yours today

I you would like to book a maternity session please drop me an email or give me a call and I can book you in. Also take advantage of my maternity and new born session special, when you book them together you save £50 !!

The older you get, the memories of walking around with these amazing little people growing inside of you will fade. How wonderful it  is to have been  able to capture those precious moments by documenting–and celebrating–your beautiful belly and how it changed your life forever.

Maternity Dress: Etsy

Callums boxers: Calvin Klein 

Hair & Makeup by Natalie

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