The Mill at Condor Green Wedding Photography





Jess and Dan got married in September at the rustic Mill at Condor Green. This is a new venue in Lancaster. It was such a happy day and the sun even made an appearance!

Getting ready

Jess got ready the Bridal suite with her bridesmaids and her lovely Mum, and the atmosphere was full of excitement. there was present giving and a buzz of activity all morning. The girls then walked the short distance to get to the ceremony.

The wedding

The ceremony was an intimate service in a beautiful room at the venue. Jess wanted lots of greenery for a rustic modern feel, and her vision was recreated perfectly. During the ceremony Jess and Dan were so bloody nervous, they ended up laughing their way through the ceremony!!

After the ceremony

The reception was in the same room at the venue. They chose The Mill at Condor Green because the light is gorgeous and they could totally personalise it. It was a rustic wedding, which allowed Jess & Dan to become extra creative. They handmade lots of decorations using wood. I love shooting The Mill at Condor Green weddings because the photo ops are so unusual. even the cows photobombed the evening pictures !!

The couple

Jess wore Roland Joyce and Dan wore a Military Suit and they looked so incredible.

Jess & Dan got in touch with me 2 years ago and their enquiry really intrigued me as I hadn’t shot a wedding at their venue before. They said they wanted a fun photographer, and I really liked that they were so relaxed.

The couple says that if you’re planning your wedding, the biggest piece of advice they could give you is to make sure you take a minute to yourself and just watch what is going on around you. Also, make sure you thoroughly enjoy the time you spend having your photos taken together as you really don’t get much time as a couple throughout the day.

Jess and Dan’s wedding was so much fun and just the happiest occasion. Here’s their wonderful wedding!

If you’re planning a The Mill at Condor Green wedding, get in touch!

Bridal bouquet with pin badge and green foliage

Bride sat on the bed at Mill condor Green having her lipstick touched up

bridal party taking a selfie in the bridal suite

Makeup artist touching up the brides lipstick

brides pyjama set with the words MRS on the front laid out on the bed

floral display on the chairs in the ceremony room at the mill at condor green

hand made seat reservation tag for the flower girl

Brides shoes set with the bouquet on a dressing table in the bridal suite

Father of the bride walking her down the aisle

hand tied bridesmaid bouquet

Bridal bubbles in a wooden tub

Bubble exit of the bride and groom, they walked out of the ceremony to everyone blowing bubbles

bride and groom portrait at the side of the canal

bride and groom cuddle and laugh whilst having portraits at the side of the canal

bride and groom walking down the canal path

the mill at condor green

rustic seating plan with handmade table tags

top table with foliage and candles and just married bunting

bridal yankee candle set amongst foliage at the top table

wooden hand made Mr and Mrs Bedford sign out side the venue

rememberance table with photos of family

naked wedding cake on top of a rustic crate

the mill at condor green

children leaning on a canal barge at the mill at condor green

bridesmaid in a wheel chair with here comes the bride sign on the back of her chair

bridesmaid photos in the garden

picture frame hand made decor for the wedding room

the mill at condor green

bride stands on the footbridge over the canal looking at swans swimming down the river

the mill at condor green wedding photo

cows along the canal and bride and groom atoning hand in hand looking at them








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